The Club

Topics: Pessimism, Bill Clinton, Power Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Power, the only motivator
Power, the only motivator
The club by David Williamson is a play that uses a very simple setting and only six characters of various ages and statuses. It explores how the underbelly of an Australian Rules football club controls the organization rather than being focused on important events like winning a premiership. The main focus is on the president, former president, administrator and coach which explore festering conflicts that arise among them. The language used is predominantly colloquial, which shows deception and manipulation in many exchanges that mock and ridicule the schemers. The main issue conveyed by David Williamson is that commercialism is taking over tradition and power is the only motivator for the committee members. “Tradition, tradition, tradition. We’ve been strangled by it.” “Tradition, tradition, tradition. We’ve been strangled by it.”

As a central theme, power is what drives the characters, Jock, Gerry and Laurie. They mock and ridicule against each other and try to destroy each other through the committee. Although all characters strive to achieve one purpose, win a premiership and to also win at all costs, Jock and Gerry seem to have a single direction or idea about how they want to achieve a premiership. “You’re not indispensable” gives hints into Jocks and Gerry’s intentions about how they want to scrap tradition and start again with new players, a new president and a new coach. “With the team we’ll have next year, Jesus Christ’ll be pushing to make the reserves” again reinforces Jock’s and Gerry’s intention about changing the club. The irony and imagery of this statement also shows the audience Jock and Gerry’s intentions. The power struggle between Jock and Gerry against Laurie is shown through countless humorous arguments that ridicule, mock and banter about each other. The imagery and over exaggeration in the statement “a hundred dozen pop-up Taiwanese toasters that burnt the bread and...
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