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  • Published : August 22, 2010
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Five Paragraph Essay
By: Emily Smith

The character I’m going to describe is Massie Block from The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison. One of the traits you will learn about Massie is her being very wealthy. Another trait of hers is loving to shop. The last and probably the most obvious trait is her popularity. My opinion of Massie Block is that she has a lot of money and is very commonly known.

One of Massie’s traits is her being rich. One example of this would be the first time Clair walks into Massie’s house.

“Massie noticed that Mrs. Lyon’s diamond rings were turned around, which massie knew meant that they didn’t have a lot of money.”(The Clique pg.9)

Another time massie shows she is rich is when she shows Claire her exclusive private girls school, OCD. (Octavion Country Day School)

“Even Claire couldn’t help but be impressed” (The Clique pg.50)

Also she shows this trait when she gets kicked out of her ultra expensive Westchester riding camp.

“You have one hour to gather your things. I hope your parents are happy.” (Massie pg. 22)

As you can see, Massie is very rich, but she can also be very attracted to spending money.

Massie’s second trait is loving to shop. She first shows this the time massie tried to buy EVERYTHING online because her mom said she couldn’t leave the house to shop.

“She entered her Visa number and the screen said DENIED in big letters. Massie thought about crying, but was suddenly too poor to care.” (Massie pgs. 35 and 36)

She also shows this very important trait when the time her and her mom first went back to after she got her Visa back.

“…Kendra arranged a three hour visit with Massie’s old friend Visa so they could buy and outfit for the luncheon.” (Massie pg.98)

Another time she showed this was when she wanted to buy super exclusive glasses that were very rare.

“This girl thinks that she’s walking out of...
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