The Clever Rikki Tikki Essay

Topics: Rudyard Kipling, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, The Jungle Book Pages: 1 (423 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The Clever Rikki-Tikki
By Mónica Azpeitia

The short story, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, by Rudyard Kipling, is about a mongoose named Rikki. In the story, Rikki succeeds in saving his owner Teddy, and Teddy’s parents from the dangers of two ferocious cobras. Rikki is able to do this by being very clever. First of all, Rikki Tikki is a clever mongoose because knew how to get rid of Nagaina’s eggs and save his family. For example, this is displayed when Rikki has Darzee’s wife pretend her wing is broken so Nagaina will chase her and leave her eggs. (239) This is a great example of Rikki’s cleverness because in order to proceed with his plan he needed Nagaina to leave her eggs vulnerable. In addition, in the story this is portrayed when Rikki smashes all but one of Nagaina’s eggs and blackmails her with it. If she strikes at Teddy, her eggs will be crushed. (240-241) This is another example of Rikki’s cleverness because he is aware of how much Nagaina loves her eggs and knows she will do anything for them, even let Teddy live. In conclusion, the main character is extremely clever because he figured out how to dispose of Nagaina’s eggs and save his family. Furthermore, Rikki continues to be a clever mongoose because he figures out how to kill Nag. For instance, this is demonstrated when Rikki eavesdrops on Nag’s plan to kill the big man then forms a plan around it. (236-237) Rikki wouldn’t have been able to stop Nag from succeeding in killing the big man if he hadn’t overheard Nag talking to his wife. In addition, in the story Rikki knows that in order to kill Nag he must bite his hood and not let go, otherwise Nag can bite back. (237) Rikki has never fought a cobra before so it showed much cleverness when he knew where to bite, even if he’s inexperienced. Our furry friend is still an incredibly clever creature, for he finds a good way to kill Nag. In closing, in the story Rikki-Tikki gets washed away from his parents in a summer flood and...
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