The Classic Slave Narratives

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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While in this horrible life that slaves lived in many would recorded their encounters on how it was being a slave. In the book The Classic Slave Narratives you read how slaves are brutally beaten occasionally by their master or overseer. In the story of Mary Prince and Frederick Douglas you see all the heart ache that these slaves had to go through. There is similarity in which all slaves stories are the same but different in their own way. When learning about slavery we already know about all the bad things they went through but its all different when you actually hear it from their point of few. Which is really horrifying to learn the truth of what these slaves had to face.

When it comes to Mary Prince and Frederick Douglas there are some similarity's in their stories as well as differences. Douglas knew who his mother was but he was not raised by her. When he was born he was separated from his mother when he was around a age old. When she died Douglas has little emotion when hearing the news. Which in fact he quoted “I received the tidings of her death with the much same emotions I should of have probably felt at the death of a stranger.”Frederick Douglas, Page 341. Mary Prince fortunate knew her mother for a while longer then Douglas knew his. She got to create that bond that mother and daugther figure with her mother. Even later on in the story you read how she See's her mother again when she arrived at Turk’s Island. So when it came to family Prince had more of a family then what Douglas had which makes their stories a little different in a way.

When it comes to Frederick Douglas and Mary Prince living style there was a big difference. While Prince was out working and doing chores. Douglas didn't have to do as much. He never saw the field until he was a little older. So if they were both compared Frederick Douglas got the lesser of two evils. Douglas got the privilege to learn how to read and write. When all that Prince got was beat for being the a...
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