The Clash of the Titians

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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The Clash of the Titians

The call to Adventure

The main character and hero in the film Clash of the Titans is Perseus, his departure is when he becomes forced to set to sea in sea and with nothing but a coffin and his mother, Danae. Soon washing ashore the island of Seriphos, later as Perseus grows older he receives a sign from the gods when he was shifted to the foreign world of Joppa he never new existed. Refusal of the Call

Perseus cannot believe he has changed worlds, and suspect’s action. [Supernatural Aid] After receiving the acceptance of Godly actions, Perseus gets his share of supernatural aid consisting of a helmet, sword, and shield along with a message from Zeus that they will someday save his life. [Crossing of the First Threshold] Perseus learns of Andromeda and her situation, she cant marry unless her potential husband successfully answers a riddle, and any man who answers the riddle incorrectly is burned crucified in public. He believes he can’t turn back, for he has been on a quest to save the goddess-like princess by the gods. [Entering the Belly of a whale] Perseus captures the magical and almighty winged horse Pegasus and follows Princess Andromeda’s spirit on her nightly journey to learn a new riddle from Calibos, a hideous a monster mortal. [Road of Trails] Armed with the answer to the riddle Perseus is nearly killed by Calibos but escapes, losing the helmet in which renders invisible powers within the swamps in the process. Perseus appears at the next ceremony where princess Andromeda’s mother asks for anyone to answer the riddle. With no hesitation, Perseus answers the riddle correctly, presenting Calibos severed hand with the answer of a gold ring. Of course he wins Andromeda’s hand in marriage. [Meeting of the Goddess] At the wedding, Queen Cassiopeia compares Andromeda’s beauty to Thetis herself, which angers the Goddess incredibly and gives her an excuse to fulfill her son’s wish the statue of Thetis collapses and its head...