The Civil War

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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The Civil War was inevitable, due to the build up of many issues that could only be settled by the clashing of the two sides. There were many attempts to stop the conflict, but they only proceeded in speeding it up. Along with this, there were many issues that the North and South didn’t agree on and that caused problems, such as: the Kansas Nebraska Act, the Dred Scott Case, and acts of violence. With each new problem that piled up, it became more difficult to solve the issues.

There were many attempts to solve the problem of Slavery. The first was the Compromise of 1850, which only caused more controversy on the way that slaves were being handled and treated. The North would be allowed a free state (California), only if the South could get the Fugitive Slave Act. The Fugitive Slave Act allowed the Southern Slave owners to “reclaim” the slaves that had escaped to the Northern states. This enraged many of the Northern people who were against the Act and against slavery. With the Fugitive Slave Act, the Southern owners could claim that any colored person in the North was a “slave” and that he or she belonged to them. The abolitionists could do nothing but watch as free colored men and women were taken back to their “rightful” owners. The Compromise of 1850 did not make things any better, it did quite the opposite, it made more people angry. The product of the Fugitive Slave Act was the publishing of the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. This novel showed the horrors of slavery and all of its evils. This enlightened many people from the North that slavery was wrong and that it should be ended Similarly, there was another shot at trying to solve the problem of where Slavery should be—The Kansas Nebraska Act. This act was introduced by the government, which allowed Kansas and Nebraska to vote by majority on whether or not they wanted to be a slave state. Of course, this sparked much controversy on what these two states would choose (either slave or...
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