The Civil Injunction Process

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The Civil Injunction Process

The Civil Injunction Process

The following scenario presents key players in any law enforcement agency, possible dialogs, inter-agency politics, and concerns when change is proposed. The facts come from an actual experience in Redondo Beach, California. This study is about using the "Civil Injunction Process" against street gangs.

I believe that the North Side Protectors gang was allowed to continue with their roles and delinquency in the community of Rio Sellas for so long because the Police Department didn’t file a civil injunction order against the gang members sooner. In the past the police department didn’t put their foot down as they did recently and the gangs were taking over the city knowing that no one would dare stop them. With the civil injunction it would have gave the community the upper hand to use it as a protection order against the gang and its members for any violations and crime occurring in the city limits. It would also have protected the community and its streets giving the community what they long awaited for zero crime in the streets. It also help that the law enforcement agency involved the community and convinced them that they were going to put an end to the gangs and crimes in their communities as they were requesting through Father Pedro. By involving the community it provides the police department with important information on what’s going on the community when the police are not around. It can also provide good intelligence on what areas are crimes focusing on, where they stash drugs, who are the gang members and where they live.

The Chief of Rio Sellas persuade other team members on the advantages of a Temporary Restraining Order because he wanted to show them how much this would allow the law enforcement agency to accomplish what they need in a rapid pace. It would also point out guide lines that will help...
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