The City of Pamukkale

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Throughout my life, I have travelled to many beautiful places. Most of them in my mind are a blur, but one place I have never forgotten is the ancient city of Pamukkale. It was my first trip to Turkey. I assumed Pamukkale would resemble the last resort I had visited In Spain: a hub of cinemas and theatres, pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, all packed with excited tourists and busy holiday makers. However, when I arrived in Pamukkale, my expectations were confounded. I had never laid eyes on such a breathtaking sight. The streets were empty; the dead city was as silent as the grave. As I stood alone, admiring the colossal white crystal mountains that surrounded me, I felt all my stress and worries slowly disappear. Pamukkale in Turkish translates into 'Cotton castle" and that was the exact imagine that came to mind as I gazed in astonishment at the incredible white travertine terraces. I decided that I wanted to spend the first day of my holiday exploring the snowy terrace, which Pamukkale is most famous for. I didn't properly understand what the great appeal was until I decided to explore it for myself. When I reached the top of the Mountain Cal, I realised that I was standing in a steep pool of crystal water. The entire top of the mountain was filled with endless hot springs. Its rich mineral content made it sparkle in the sunlight like a fresh glass of champagne. I wasn't sure what kinds of fish lived in the Pamukkale waters, the few I had seem were radiant exotic colours. They were so elegant as they playfully jumped in and out of the water. I recognised a variety of birds while I was there. White herons, night herons, wild ducks, kingfishers and other exotic species. The Kingfishes were particularly fascinating. They are big beautiful blue birds; they look like sapphires. The birds would silently fly by me, calmly with the wind; they looked so relaxed. Those sights were so peaceful. Pamukkale is a treasury of wild birds. I later decided to explore the...
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