“the City of Ember” Analysis

Topics: Film, City of Ember, The Director Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: August 25, 2012
“City of Ember” Analysis
This essay will explore the movie “City of Ember”. The first time I watched “City of Ember” it was purely for the enjoyment of watching a film with my three young sons. I took little note of the style, texture or structure of the film. However, after having read the text from week one and two and reacquainting myself with the film yesterday I have come to appreciate the film for more than just the family aspect that first drew me to watch. Now I can appreciate the action, fantasy, and sci-fi genres incorporated into the movie as well.

“City of Ember” takes place in a future time when the fate of all humankind is endangered by the eminent explosion of the earth. The creators of Ember, or “The Builders” as they are called, decided to dig a city 1000’s of miles underground where citizens were meant to live for 200 years before returning to the surface world. Life had been good for the citizens of Ember until the generator started to give out and the food began to run low. Surrounded by darkness and left feeling hopeless two teenagers, Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow, find the courage to discover the way out of the darkness that is Ember and into what they hope is a chance to find light and food even though it is against the law.

Although this is a family, action, fantasy film I can see the adult moral story line. The citizens of Ember were dealing with a corrupt government official that lied to the population keeping them in the dark in many ways. A mayor that horded and stole from those he has vowed to serve. There is an underlying message to this film as well. You are never too young to make a difference. This statement reinforced in the film by the fact that Doon and Lina are merely teenagers, yet they become the saviors that find a way out of Ember.

The director incorporates a few techniques which I found easily influenced my emotions during the movie. The first of which was forced perspective. In order to make...
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