The Circus

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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The Circus

As time passed, everyone became more anxious for the show to begin. I look around at the frenzy of the crowd, filled with many people of all ages. Sitting front row, I wait impatiently, grinning from ear to ear. Just then the lights dim, and the level of my excitement increases immensely, it’s finally time; the circus has begun!

A spot light comes on and begins moving quickly in every which way. A man’s deep voice comes over the speakers. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats. We welcome you all to the circus and hope you enjoy the show”. Once the announcer had finished, the spot light zeroed in on center stage, where a large gold lion sat. Hearing the crack of a whip, a very tall skinny man walks into the now growing spot light. Another slap of the leather whip is released by the tamer and the killer beast opens his enormous mouth and lets out a great roar. The crowd begins to cheer loudly. The man then guides the lion through numerous silver hoops, which amazes everyone including myself. After a few more tricks, the lion tamer takes a bow and both he and the lion walk side by side off stage.

Following the lion’s act, two women dressed in blue sequined dresses appear on the trapeze. Very high in the air and with no net around to catch them if they fell, I watch mesmerized with every flip and twist made, knowing the littlest mistake would cost them their routine. Next was an astounding contortionist. In complete silence everyone watches as their minds are blown by the bending and display of such unusual and unique flexibility. When each act ended, I applaud for the incredible performances. Just then I smell popcorn popping, jumbo foot long hot dogs grilling, and imagine the cotton candy being spun. It seemed as joy and amusement quickly got the best of me and before I knew it, the first half of the show had finished.

Smelling the mouthwatering food, it wasn’t long before everyone could no longer deprive their hunger. On the fifteen...