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Topics: World War I, World War II, British Empire Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Research Report For Compostion (Unit 5 Lesson 6)

World War 1 was probably one of the most important events in the twentieth-century history of Europe given the scope of war and the extension of colonized European powers. As the result of this war, four major empires had collapsed on the Continent, the Ireland and a rebellion, which grew later into a civil war, and the Russia had one of the most influential revolutions in the history of the world. World War 1 had also inspired the rise of mass politics and eventually fascism, discrediting the ideals of democracy and liberalism.

However, the World War I had brought not only negative outcomes. The positive results of war were seen in the resistance against authoritarianism and colonialism, the extension of rights to some women and men in different countries, and the acquisition of independence by certain European nations. Either way, the “Great War” had produced the extraordinary human toll. Moreover, political and economic stability were disrupted, while the history was witnessing an unprecedented experience of social fabric. Division of PowerThis was a truly global war, which had involved 32 nations, 28 of them belonged to the Allied and Associated Powers, whose major belligerents were the British Empire, Italy, France, Serbia, Russia and the United States of America. The Central Powers accounted the following opponents: Germany, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire (Williamson, 2003). Of all the countries fighting on the side of the Allied and Associated Powers, Great Britain’s motivation for entering the World War I on the side of the France was quite unusual. While Austria-Hungary declared the war on Serbia, because it was not satisfied with Serbia’s response to ultimatum, all other countries with Great Britain among them were forced to join either one of two forces, because they were bound by some treaties (Walzer, 2002). Russia, for example, was bound by treaty to Serbia, therefore Russia’s...
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