The Church in Medieval Europe

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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The Church in Medieval Europe

In the twentieth century we often find it difficult to understand the role played by the Church in the tenth and eleventh centuries. The catholic church was the largest unifying structure in medieval Europe. It influenced many people's lives no matter who they were and where they came from. Europe was 95% Christian during the middle or dark ages from the richest of kings to the poorest of serfs. All levels of society, belief in a god or gods was not a matter of choice, it was a matter of fact. The church changed lives. Baptism, teaching basic prayers and learning the was a sole education in MA. Living in the middle ages, you would come into contact with the Church in a number of ways.

Everyone war was required to live by their laws, because they were the supreme rulers, and people needed a place to look for hope in the MA. The church made people pay heavy taxes, and you could buy indulgences where a priest would tell a god you were being good. Agreed to show the way to everlasting happiness after death. On top of taxes the church would say if you give them gifts you will have a better chance of going to heaven. So people would give land, flocks, crops, and even people to the church. This is why the church controlled most of the land through the MA and renaissance. With the land of power and money the church could control kings and countries. The pope had great influence over kings and people. Anyone who was against the pope, had the power to excommunicate. Which meant that the person could not attend church services or sacraments, and once they die they were shunned to hell. This was especially important because everyone believed in heaven and hell. No one wanted the punishment of going to hell. So very few went against the church. The church also had a positive side. Parish churches were in the center of towns and the told stories to the villagers who did not know the story of Jesus Christ and His disciples. It served as a...
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