The Chrysalis Chp 4

"A Hidden Angel"
Chapter 4

*Twilight* "Wha-What, should we d-do? *Applejack* "Ah would suggest fightin' our way out ah here, but there's just too many to handle!" *Rainbow* "I'll go fly and see if I can find some help!" *Twilight* "Good idea!" *Rainbow bursts out the window and flys straight up and soon leaves line of sight*

Rainbow Dash Perspective
Still Chapter 4

"Now, just to find somepony to help us..." *Rainbow looks around for somepony and soon finds a mare with white body color, and pink and black mane.* "Hey, me and my frie-" *Unknown Pony* "STAY BACK!" *The unknown pony bucks in Rainbows direction* *Rainbow* Woah there! Be cool, be cool, im a friend! *Unknown Pony* "No, all my friends died in the Chrysalis crash..." *Rainbow* "Well, im sorry to hear that, but, me and my friends need help!" *Unknown Pony* "You don't look like you need help to me, im the one that needs help." *Shows Rainbow her cut up leg* *Rainbow* "Ouch does that hurt?" *Unknown Pony* "WELL OF COURSE IT HURTS!" *Rainbow* "Well sorry, rude much!" *Unknown Pony* "If you've got supplies to heal this up wherever your little friends need help, ill help you, but if you dont, you're on your own." *Rainbow* "Sure, we've got plenty of supplies!" *Unknown Pony* "Then i'll go, but i have to ask for your name" *Rainbow* "The name's Rainbow Dash, what about you?" *Unknown Pony* Pvt.Zapplejack of "The Chrysalis" *Rainbow* Wait a minute. YOU, Were on that ship? *Zapplejack* "Yes." *Rainbow* "What kind of SICK, CRUEL, Things were you doing up there!?" *Zapplejack* HEY, DON'T YOU DARE BLAME THIS ON US! We we're trying to stop this from happening! WE, got sick, WE, Tried to keep that giant ship from crashing down here, but we failed. *Rainbow* "Well appearantly you didn't try hard enough!" *Zapplejack sits silently for a moment, then bucks rainbow in the leg* *Rainbow* AHHH! Ow, i think yo-you bro-broke it! *Zapplejack* "No, i only made it hurt, thats the pain im going through, and next time...
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