The Chrysalids: Test Review

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  • Published : December 10, 2011
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The Chrysalids- Test Review
Test Date: Nov. 31st, 2011

David Strorm: Hero of the novel; possesses a peculiar telepathic ability which causes the main conflict in the novel. Sophie: Childhood friend of David; discovered as a deviate and banished to the Fringes; most pathetic victim of Waknuk's philosophy. Michael: Eldest of the group; best educated; acts as leader and philosopher. Petra: David's younger sister; possesses awesome telepathic powers; causes the crisis of the novel and ultimate brings rescue. Uncle Axel: David's uncle; knows about David's ability; broad-minded and philosophical; acts as protector of David during the latter's youth; functions as mouthpiece to express the author's opinions. Rosalind- David's half-cousin and sweetheart; flees with him to the Fringes. Anne- Only member of the group to violate its solidarity; marries a "norm"; commits suicide. Joseph Strorm - David’s father; champion of purity in all forms of life; leading figure in Waknuk. Spiderman- The older brother of Joseph Strorm; deprived of his rights as a boy because of deviational developments in his arms and legs; lives in the Fringes. Old Jacob- Keeper at the Strorm farm; ultra conservative believer in Waknuk's religion. Rachel- Anne's sister; loyal to the group.

Alan Ervin- Anne's husband; had reported Sophie Wender and planned to blackmail the members of the group; dies a violent death. Aunt Harriet- Emily's sister; gives birth to a slightly deviate infant and, after failing to conceal it, commits suicide with the baby. Mary Wender- Sophie's mom; because they concealed Sophie, they, too, were banished. Inspector- Responsible for purity in Waknuk; carries authority of the government in Rigo; a reasonable man, but not intelligent enough to think his way past the limits of his job. Terms:

Fringes: The fringes are the home land for people who are mutants, in the fringes many people are starving and all of them are sterilized. Sealand: this is the place...
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