The Chrysalids

Topics: Flowers for Algernon, Mental retardation, Daniel Keyes Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: August 22, 2012
Joely Fisher
Ms. Savas
Friday July 13th, 2012

Flowers For Algernon Essay:

Within most novels, there are different types of conflicts that include the following: person vs person, person vs self and person vs nature. Here are some examples of conflicts in the novel “flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes. In the novel “flowers for algernon” a conflict that is shown is person vs person. In the novel the two characters who have conflict are Charlie Gordon and Rose Gordon. Charlie is a 32 year old mentally retarded adult who has flashbacks of his bad childhood due to his mothers negative actions, she was not only physically abusive but emotionally and mentally abusive. Mothers should be caring and loving and accepting of their children under any circumstance. Rose on the other hand is not accepting of Charlie's disability and trying to make him normal when he's not and gives him trouble when he can't do things normal people do. “ you're a big boy now. You can go by yourself. Now march right into that bathroom and pull your pants down the way i taught you if you make in your pants you'll get spanked.” (Keyes-75). Additionally, he also has conflict with Gimpy, another employee at Donners bakery who has always been nice to Charlie but Charlie catches Gimpy in action stealing from the cash register and Charlie decides to confront him in a polite manner to not cause problems but Gimpy takes it in the wrong way and gets offended and replies to Charlie with “ I can tell you, you'll be sorry you stuck your nose in. I always stood up for you. I should of got my head examined.” (Keyes-96). In addition, another conflict in the novel is person vs self. Charlie encounters some conflicts through his journey, like having a surgery that would change him and his life completely if it was successful. A surgery that would turn Charlie smart like he wants. He himself and the doctors are unaware of the side effects or problems he may have to face if the surgery goes...
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