The Christopher Columbus Genocide

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  • Published : October 20, 2011
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In elementary school history class Christopher Columbus was the great explorer who founded the Americas. However, in tenth grade history class I have learned that Christopher Columbus is the person who started the biggest genocide in history. Ninety-three million people were lost, over a 150 year period, because of him. He should not even be credited with the founding of the Americas because there were people that had been living there for hundreds of years already.

The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez recognized Christopher Columbus starting the genocide of the indigenous people. He called it “the biggest genocide in history.” Many people would probably agree with Chavez, seeing that even more people were killed here than Jews in World War 2. “They executed an aboriginal every 10 minutes – the biggest genocide in registered history,” Chavez said. These were innocent people that were killed because of the greed of some Europeans. Of the 24 million people currently living in Venezuela, around 350,000 are indigenous people from 28 distinct ethnic groups. That is a large percentage drop from what it was before the Spaniards came to the Americas. Most Venezuelans are “meztizo,” a mix of Spanish, African, and native bloodlines. October 12 is no longer called Columbus Day in Venezuela. Thanks to Chavez signing a decree to change the name, it is now called Day of Indigenous Resistance.

Christopher Columbus seized 1,200 Taino Indians from the island of Hispaniola and sent them to Spain. Columbus tore families apart my taking children and husbands away to be slaves. On board Columbus’ slave ships many died and the sailors would simply throw the dead Indian bodies into the Atlantic Ocean. Not all of these slaves were sent to Spain, some were put to work in mines and plantations he and his followers created in Caribbean islands. Christopher Columbus’ men even hunted the Indians for sport and profit. Humans should not do that to other humans because it...