The Christine And Mitru's Relationship

Topics: Suicide, Family, Schizophrenia Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Romulus, My father

Chapter 6

The chapter describes Christine and Mitru’s relationship as they decide to live with each other in Melbourne. Christine’s asthma becomes severe, as well as having mental problems such as hallucination, leading to electric shock treatment. Mitru tries very hard to keep the family, Christine and the baby Suzan, together by having two jobs, however faces difficulties due to Christine’s reluctant behaviour to take care of the children and the household. During the chapter, Raimond describes couple occasions where Mitru beats up Christine with a belt. With the guilt of taking Christine as a wife from Romulus and the fact that he cannot live a happy life, derives Mitru to commit suicide, failing the first time when he stabbed himself in the chest but succeed the second time when he falls 50m below a tower.

23. As a consequence of taking someone that did not belong to him, Mitru suffers from great misery ‘compounded by the fact my mother flirted with some young men’, not seeing joy from his hard work and effort to provide for his family. Ultimately this leads him to first, stab himself in the chest, then when he fail, he falls 50m down a memorial tower to take his own life.

24. The contrasting imagery between the violence of Mitru beating Christine with his belt ‘bruising her about the arm and body with its buckle’ and the nurturing and sad image of Christine after his death ‘sleeping at the foot of the tower, fighting impulse to follow him’, presents the idea of complexity of emotions relating to belonging to a relationship
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