The Choice over.

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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The Choice Over
Over what, of what, might seem the right ending to the topic above, but I’ll let you decide when I’m done. Choice presents options and it’s a daily phenomenon, and unfortunately or fortunately they present the greatest factors of visible change and lay ground plans for future successes of loses. Over what, speaks of priority, but putting priority in question, we seem to lose gounds of what actually is truly important as every proposed seem to lose its ground and hypothesis is all we ground our presumptions on, so inevitably there’s the feeling of keeping “fingers crossed” which indefinitely shows our lack of trust on what we call priority. No pointing of fingers here but finger and it points at the question “What is truth”? Is it possible that the truth is all around and yet we deny it and try to create a utopia that already is. The truth authorises choices and makes the odd always in our favor. So the truth empowers to make choice with its ever presiding priority, beating everything less. Regardless of this eye glaring reality, its unfortunate that only a few see the veils on the eyes of others, giving them the best cards to play leaving us short of betting chips, and many have ran into dept and finally thrown out of the game into a perpetual search for a place to play again, and obtain the power to make the Choice over. Lets come back to reality, what is this truth, believe it or believe it, Jesus is truth. How you may ask? “another religious creep here”. Well let me expantiate. I’ll not tell you in human words because they might spell out more misundertandings. (where the blind get more “blinder”). Imagine making the right hwhat I’m getting at, truth is simply unimaginable that’s why Jesus is more than just a person but the truth and believing on him gives the best card ever of life, having you on the winning side always. About this truth, he is God who came in the flesh to die for our sins and replace it with his righteousness and have the...
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