The Choice of Medea

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  • Published : May 17, 2012
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The Choice of Media
Medea and her lack of control

The story of Medea is a story of heartache, loss and death. A reader may portray Medea as a strong woman and then again portrayed as a crazy murderer. The question that arises often in conversation of this play is the question of Medea’s choice and lack of control. The play of Medea is delivered with obsessions and the love for Jason then turning to death, revenge and dishonor. The answer is very clear that Medea is a woman in total control of the actions done, and is willing to kill family and children for vengeance and satisfaction of a pay back.

Medea’s root of anger and choices come from the love inside for Jason who causes the ultimate betrayal. Medea was truly in love with Jason and had deceived and killed in the past early in the relationship. When Jason confronts Medea the compelling story turns to the unthinkable as Medea reminds Jason of all that was lost and all that was done to support the man standing so bold to listen to the words spoken. “I saved your life and every Greek knows I saved it.” “I killed, and so gave you the safety of the light. And I myself betrayed my Father and my home” (Euripides 700). Jason then reminds the outraged women of all that was done for Medea over the years and also foolishly announces that the time to leave Medea was for the better good of the family and children. Medea’s anger and heartache is already at new levels and now to hear the man that stole the heart of Medea only left to make the children’s life better is heart wrenching. Jason is clear with his words. “Make sure of this: it is not because of a woman I made royal alliance in which I now live, But, as I said before, I wished to preserve you and breed a royal progeny to be brothers to the children I have now, a sure defense to us” (Euripides 703).

Medea is not coming to grips with any of this loss and the first thoughts are death to end the misery growing inside Medea’s body and mind. Medea speaks...
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