The Chocolate War

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Jerry Renault’s Life

Jerry Renault has seen death in his life, and he himself nearly experiences death. Also, he was bullied and harassed, which changed his life from normal to an extraordinarily difficult existence. The interactions of many characters have affected Jerry Renault throughout the book, and have changed his life.

Jerry is a very quiet boy, but his actions make up for his being so quiet. He takes very courageous steps to go against the antagonists; Archie and Brother Leon. Honestly he could have told his father or the police about the vigils and what they do to him, his peers, and the teachers. Also when the vigils tell him to accept the chocolates he knowingly refuses them and he dared to disturb the universe. Jerry does not realize the danger of the situation he put himself in. The last action where he puts himself in danger is a representation of the danger he put himself in, and it is another action he is choosing to do on his own will.

Archie is an antagonist that in the beginning does not show any interest at all in Jerry Renault, while on the other hand Brother Leon does. Yet, later in the book when Jerry continues to refuse despite the order from Archie and the sale of the chocolates is failing; it draws Brother Leon into the situation, because he believes Jerry is inspiring large amounts of people to stop selling their quota. Brother Leon threatens Archie to “inspire” students to sell chocolates, or he will destroy the Vigils. That puts Archie in a bad position, because all at the same time Obie is testing Archie’s power. Obie wants to leave Jerry alone and believes Archie is going too far.

A Theme of the book is in Jerry’s locker, “Do I Dare Disturb the Universe.” This is what Jerry does. The Universe is the school and the Vigils, and he constantly changes the natural flow of the school. Another symbol is the chocolates themselves; they hold no real power, but they started the whole mess in the first...
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