The Chinese Revolution, a Momentous and Significant Revolution

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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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The Chinese Revolution, beginning in 1911 and ending in 1949 was a momentous and significant revolution within history. The Chinese Revolution was a result of impearialistic control of China by other countries, unfair treatment of peasants, and young people’s desire to modernize China. Similar to The Chinese Revolution, the novel “Animal Farm” was an allegory that also exhibited the strive for freedom and respect within a nation, or in this case the Manor Farm. In the novel, the animals fought hard inorder to rebel against the rule of their often drunk owner Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones was a mean unkind master who enjoyed a care free life while the animals lack food. Respectively, the Chinese also strived for freedom and rights in China while under the rule of the Qing Dynatsy, although the Qing Dynasty was very helpful with major improvements as building roads and post offices to make interchange of labor, information, and resources in china, making the first currency that can be used through whole China, and, formulating language, written letters, numeric system, units for weights and measure in china. The Qing Dynatsty was still a very unfair and unjust political system ran by a long line curropt dictators all within the Qing family, and the people of China as did the animals in the novel decided enough was enough.So with the help of Mao Zedong, communist philantropist and future leader of china, offered communism as an alternative to the peasants in china promising food, jobs, and homes to everyone who followed the words of communism. And with the team work of china’s peasant population which was the majority of China and Mao Zendong they effortously overthrew the Qing Dynasty. As did the animals, but instead of the Chinese government simply the Manor Farm, but the proccess towards conducting these revolutions were almost identical. Knowing the novel animal Farm is based on the time period of the Russian Revolution, the animals within the novel can been seen as the...
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