The Chinese Culture in Neologism

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(2002年10月至12 月)
The cultural concept expressed in the passive Chinese and English new words

语言不只是一种表达工具,它跟一个民族的思维方式,文化心理密切相关。它记录了一个民族的文化踪迹,成为延续历史与未来的血脉。任何文化特性都能通过语言来展示。本文在分析所给英语新词的基础上,对比总结了汉语中出现的消极新词及其折射的社会心理。 一 解词示例
arsenic hourn.
(—Marguerite Kelly and Elia Parsons, The Mother's Almanac I, 1975) 指一天中任何一段忙乱的时间, 尤指和孩子打交道的时间。 Eg: This is the time of day known as "the arsenic hour."
(—Edward Marriott and Lisa O'Carroll, "In the air," The Evening Standard (London), January 28, 1998) 芙蓉姐姐。 指那些把自己的照片粘贴在各个网站的年轻女子。 Eg: These "camgirls" rule the world of amateur Web sites
(—Rob Wilson, The Associated Press, September 13, 1977) 骨灰。火化尸体的残留物。
Eg: Each hollow monument has a plaque and a discreet pocket to hold the ashes — or cremains do-it-herselfern.
(—The San Francisco Chronicle, January 1, 1992)
指那些可以胜任房子维修或建筑施工的女子。 Eg :She is one of a growing number of dedicated do-it-herselfers. Faxloren.
(—Mary Schmich, "This rumor relies on fax, not facts," Chicago Tribune, September 15, 1993) 通过传真传播的谣言或是一些趣味性的谚语故事等。 Eg: This bit of faxlore needs participation.
financial pornographyn.
(—Bruce Ingersoll, "Regulating Advice," The Wall Street Journal, November 15, 1984 ) 指那些赞扬企业家,理财者的文章报道。
Eg :In The Four Pillars of Wisdom, [author William Berstein] devotes a well-deserved chapter to the financial press and its weakness for "financial pornography" hedgehog conceptn.
(—Jim Collins, "Level 5 Leadership," Harvard Business Review, December 2000 / January 2001) 制胜法宝。一种理念或是一个主意,若能顺利付诸实际的话可使个人事业或是公司业绩达到最大优势。 Eg:you get the hedgehog concept
hygiene hypothesisn.
(—Alfredo Pisacane et al., "Breast feeding and acute appendicitis," The British Medical Journal, April 1, 1995) 卫生假设。一种新的理论,认为若幼儿时很少接触细菌将会导致成人以后免疫系统较差。 Eg :The new findings add to a growing collection of evidence for the "hygiene hypothesis." Ideopolisn.

(—"Don't drop the dead donkey," The Economist, April 13, 2002) 一种后工业化城市,尤指被知识含量高的工业或学术机构占据的区域。 Eg: Some ideopolises contain significant manufacturing facilities。 Iraqnophobian.
(—Mark Marymont, "Leno show was long, but didn't drag," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, August 4, 1990) 恐伊症。 对伊拉克的恐惧,尤指对他们制造生化武器、核武器能力的恐惧。 Eg :President Bush can launch his "initial public offering" of stock in his newest product, Iraqnophobia. killer litter n.

(—Kenneth L. Whiting, "Singapore Marks 25 Years Of Self-Rule This Week," The Associated Press, April 5, 1984) 致命垃圾。指从高层建筑投出的垃圾。
Eg:This is the second 'killer litter' death since April 2000 leaf peeper n.
(—Joanne D'Alcomo "Thousands Come for Colorful New England Autumn," The Associated Press, October 11, 1980) 赏叶人。指这样一些人,他们选择合适的时间去树叶色彩缤纷的地方观赏。 Eg: a leaf peeper will encounter the height of foliage color minds-on adj

(—"Du Page children's museum offers a 'place to discover' in Elmhusrt," Chicago Tribune, October 2, 1988) 动脑的。使集中精神的,开动脑筋的。常和hands on 一起出现。 Eg: Inquiry-based science, minds-on and hands-on, engages the students monster country n

(—David P. Calleo, "An Elder Statesman Speaks Out," The Washington Post, February 23, 1993) 国霸。指政治,经济文化大国。尤指难以统治的。 Eg: these other "monster countries" go beyond specific issues and outcomes. monster home n.

(—Michael Best, "'Monster' homes may be outlawed in North York," The Toronto Star, March 3, 1987) 非常庞大的建筑,尤指和周围建筑风格不相符的建筑物。贬义词。 Eg :monster homes are destroying the historic fabric of older neighborhoods. newatern.

(—Laurel Teo, "Recycling to meet 15% of water needs by 2010," The Straits Times (Singapore), January 13, 2001) 再生水,尤指洗浴用水,厕所用水等经处理所得的可以饮用的水。 Eg:the government has begun calling the recycled waste "newater" pickade n

(—"Irish farmers celebrate abattoir victory," Agra Europe, February 11, 2000) 由picket 和blockade 混合而成。源于爱尔兰,指纠察管理交通。 Eg: "pickades" could well be the next step.
post-traumatic job switcher n
(—"Managing effectively when disaster strikes," Copley News Service, April 29, 2002) 特指9.11 时间以后,由于精神压力变换工作的人。 Eg:The changes have even given rise to a...
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