The Chinese Communist Party

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  • Published : January 27, 2011
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How effective is CCP in governing China?
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has remained in power for the past 60 years, suggesting its effectiveness in retaining its legitimacy to rule. However, new socio-economic conditions brought about by rapid modernization have caused a need to consider other criteria in obtaining a holistic view of CCP’s effectiveness. CCP’s effectiveness in governing China ultimately resides in whether it can continue to legitimize its rule and keep its people satisfied. In face of economic modernization , four sets of considerations has to be made when evaluating these aspects four sets of considerations has to be made when evaluating these aspects; we must examine China's economic growth, equality, which is a part of the CCP’s goal to build a harmonious society, China’s international status and the environment.For now, CCP seems to be largely effective in governing China. China’s high GDP growth has managed to keep satisfaction levels high, seen by the sharp decline in the number of uprisings in recent years. Major events like the 2008 Olympics have also caused the people to think of CCP as highly capable, sustaining its legitimacy. Despite this, the sustainability of CCP’s effectiveness in ruling China in the long term remains highly questionable since fundamental problems still exist in the four considerations, which can significantly sabotage CCP’s current efforts attaining its goals and maintaining its legitimacy. There is hence a need for CCP to address these currently neglected problems to sustain its effective rule. 1) ECONOMIC GROWTH

T.S: CCP has been effective in governing China by leading China to attain high economic growth thus strengthening its eudemonic legitimacy. Elaboration:
* China has managed to attain average growth of 9% over the past 15 years, pulling millions out of poverty. China’s fast recovery during the 2008 financial crisis also caused many Chinese to be confident in CCP’s capabilities. People are...
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