The Chilean Miners

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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The Chilean Miners
Varonika Allen
September 26, 2011
Dr. James Miller

The Chilean Miners endured a major hardship while they were trapped in the mine for four months. In spite of becoming famous after surviving the mine collapse, life hasn’t been easy for the miners. Several are still unemployed. Others are surviving by selling fruits and vegetables on the streets of Copiapo, driving taxis or doing odd jobs. The most successful ones have gotten into public speaking, but money and the opportunities are likely to dwindle as the years go by. (Romo, 2011). “In 2007, an explosion in the San Jose mine is reported the have killed several workers. Pinera has said the mine should not have been reopened without an escape route, according to media reports.” (Parry, Rettner 2010) Some considerations to remember given the different roles and people in the audience is how will the families of the victims react to what the media is saying about the collapse. What is the president Sebastain Pinera going to do about the earlier collapse of the same mine that was not fixed before the mine was reopened and how will he help the miners and their families cope with this incident. The potential needs of the families of the miners in receiving a message about this incident is they will need counseling in dealing with whether or not their loved one will be alive when he come out of the mine. How will the families help their loved ones mentally when they come out of the mine? It wasn’t long before we read about workers returning to the hospital, unable to cope with their emotional distress; family members hurling rocks at a miner’s house; those taken in by promises of $6,000 for an appearance, but paid only $600; men couldn’t sleep at night or burst into tears; and marriages compromised. (Volk, 2011). What would be the potential needs of the company’s employees when receiving a message about this incident is will they have a job after they get rescued, will the company...
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