The Childrens Crusade

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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The Crusades were serious vicious Holy wars between the Christian states or Europe and Saracens , who are present day Muslims. There were a total of nine crusades , the first four being the most notable and the Children’s Crusade being the decline of the conflict. The crusades started in 109A.D around the sacred city of Jerusalem which held significant religious value to both the Christians and Muslims. The Children’s Crusade as initiated because of young peasants in France ,Germany that were to believe that they could succeed where previous sinful crusades had failure. The leader of the movement was a twelve year old boy named Stephen who proposed a crusade to King Phillip of France in court but was rejected because of his immaturity Stephen continued his plans by preaching about his letter from Jesus and his decision to recapture the Holy Land. Because of Stephen relentless effort he gained Thirty-Thousand followers and all of them were children. He and his followers trekked to Southern France ,as they were cheered on by adults throughout the trip. Although affected by it , the pope did not bless nor stop the crusade because he knew it was doomed. The Children’s Crusade was doomed to failure. Many of the children had never walked such distance before and for many the effort proved to much. The journey from Vendome to Marseilles caused many children to drop out some even died of exhaustion. The sea did not part as Stephen had said and they had to cross the Mediterranean Sea by boat. The children boarded seven boats in Marseilles and that was the last anything was heared of them. In May 1212 it was said that he turn up at the court of King Phillip of France nd told that he had a letter from Christ. King Phillip was not impressed by the 12 year old and told him to go away and come back when he was older. A German Children’s Crusade also took place in 1212. This was lead by a boy called Nichols and he had twenty-thousand followers. His dream was exactly the same...
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