The Children of Men

Topics: Virtue, Education, The Children of Men Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: January 2, 2013
The Children of Men

Phyllis Dorothy James is the author of the dystopian novel called The Children of Men. It is a book that centers on mass infertility. This book describes England as steadily depopulating and focuses on a group of people called the Five Fishes, who question if the country is being run the right way. The novel demonstrates that even during the most difficult times; when people think the world is coming to an end, it is possible for people to survive, if they fight for their lives. It is likely that the novel has received many positive reviews from famous critics because of the important life lessons I teaches its readers. Phyllis Dorothy James’ Children of men, is a novel that grade nine students in Halton should read because it teaches valuable lessons that the current generation of grade nine students should remember as they face problems of their world; readers learn to never give up during the most crucial moments, and that courage and determination are necessary traits for survival, finally it also suggests that the best path in life is to be a good virtuous person. The wisest words to ever be spoken were never to give up. One may think this is because most people know that life will knock them down, but it is their choice to get back up. This is why it is extremely important that people keep trying to achieve their goals because they only have one life, so they should live it at its fullest. It is also important that people never lose hope because better things will come. People should know that life continues and they need to keep fighting for the greater good of everyone. This is evident in the text because Jullien never gave up, even when she found out that her husband was going to turn her in to the Council of England, she kept going to protect her baby. Therefore, grade nine students should read this book because it will teach them that they should never give up and they should always try their best on the things they have most...
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