The Children are Our Future

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This is a photo by miss Jasmine Abby Arguelles. It was taken after the jeepney had a flat tire. All the girls went out while the driver and his companion were changing the tire. Despite the shocking tire out burst these young Ladies managed to do something fun whle things are under repaire. And I’m pretty sure that these girls are all set to endure what’s instore ahead of them.

“The children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” This is from a line in a song which I personally believe to be true. This is the face of our future. Let us help im making them an asset to the society and not a pest or reliability to the community. Parents must not deprive their children of their right to be educated for they are the leaders of tomorrow. Teachers must teach the students correct principles that when they grow old, they will not depart from it. BEFOREAFTER

With the combined efforts, talent and creativity of the studens from BEED 3C they were able to transfrom a dull classroom into a Garden paradise. The color combination were soothing to the eyes and the light blue background makes the atmosphere cool and relaxing. Now the students have a cozzy place to rest and read books. <3

Brgy. Mabuyong is very equip of natural resources. They have the sea for their livelihood and the mountains are full of trees which makes the place cool and perfect to live in.

The Aeta’s comm
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