The Chieftest Mourner Analysis

Topics: Fiction, First-person narrative, Narrative Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: August 4, 2011
This is a short story authored by Aida Rivera Ford. The story is all about the death of the narrator’s uncle. It is a story with a focal point focused on love and innocence in the context of death. At the establishing point of the story, the first story lines already shows a tint of innocence and simplicity but the gloomy tone of the story is already felt. The situation is just a very typical scenario in the Philippines but through the writer’s prolific used of diction and imagery a common situation is turned into something new – a work of art. As you look at it, the plot is so simple. But what will move most of the readers is the author’s command of language and smooth flow of situations. Characters

The single main character about whom the story centers is the poet who passed away. Because this poet has two wives, wherein these wives are arguing about their rights to him most specially on his wake. He is the one on why he was separated from his legal wife and he is also the one who gets another one to be his wife. Also he has this close connection to his niece wherein his niece is the speaker of the story. Setting

It predominant in a sense that it all happen in the wake that all of the actions and emotions of the characters. Point of view
The niece of the poet is the one who tells the story for what happened on the wake and the flashback scenes. The first person is used as the point of view wherein the narrator is a character in the story, the story is told in the first-person point of view. The narrator uses the first-person pronouns I and me. Theme

The general theme is a story with a focal point focused on love and innocence in the context of death. The underlying theme is the disloyalty of people through their love ones.
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