The Cheesecake Factory

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What are the key issues facing the brand?

* The first time The cheesecake factory is opening an outlet in Asian country.

* The Cheesecake Factory has never existed in Singapore before. There is zero brand awareness in Singapore.

* The restaurant lacks the brand recognition and loyalty its competitors have already accumulated in Singapore market.


What are the client’s marketing objectives?

* To attain a sales total of SGD3 million in 2014.

* To open one The Cheesecake Factory outlet in Singapore in 2014.

* To create 70% recognition of The Cheesecake Factory within the target audiences in Singapore market

What are the advertising objectives?

* To encourage the target audience to visit The Cheesecake Factory.

* To create awareness and recognition of The Cheesecake Factory to a level of 70% within the targeted audience of Full Nest 1 and Full Nest 2 with aged between 25-40 years, within a period of 6 months (Aug 2013- Jan 2014)

How will these advertising objectives be measured?

People who visited The Cheesecake Factory in Singapore will be recorded and people who viewed of The Cheesecake Factory Singapore website will be also recorded within the database.


To whom will advertising be addressed?

Primary Target audience - I will be targeting families under the Full Nest 2 and Full Nest 3 category in the Family Life Cycle. The Target audiences are married Singaporeans aged between 25-50 years. They have one child at least in the family, and the kid or kids range from primary school students (7 to 12 years) to university students (18-24 years). They are earning an annual household income of SGD60, 000. Lastly, they are those who love food, and enjoy dining out with family and friends.

Secondary Target audience – I will be targeting families under Singles stage race in the Family Life Cycle. The target audiences are bachelordom or being in love aged between 20-30 years. They are earning SGD3, 500 a month at least, and they love dessert and enjoy high time with friends.

What would this target be like as a person? More important, what feelings, attitudes, and beliefs does this target hold about our brand?

The target audience may or may not have heard of The Cheesecake Factory, and they do not really know what products and service. The Cheesecake Factory is very fresh for the Singaporeans. There are many people don’t have any feelings or attitudes towards The Cheesecake Factory, because it doesn’t have an established reputation in Singapore. There is without current customers of The Cheesecake Factory as its first store has yet to open.

The most important that the target audience have to face a great many pressure from social reality. For example, work, family and money. Sometimes even in order to work, they don’t have their own private time to rest. Now, modern people almost choose to go out with family or friends when they have free time. In particular, people who some high incomes, they would choose a unique restaurant likes The Cheesecake Factory to enjoy their free time or dinning time with family or friends. Or people who young adult, they prefer to taste dessert and enjoy high time with friends.

What is the Personal Media Network of a typical target audience member? In what type of activities does the target typically engage?


What action do we want our target to take as a result of exposure to the advertising?

I want our target audience to take primary impression of what The Cheesecake Factory is and what it serves and products, and opening ceremony in 2014. I also want them to spread the new and recommend The Cheesecake Factory to other people. Finally, I really want them to return again.

What action will that action replace?

These actions will replace other dessert restaurants like when the target audience wants to go out with family or friends.

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