The Charlie Brown Experience

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  • Published : November 2, 2008
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The Charlie Brown Experience

What comes to mind when you think about Charlie Brown? Probably the great comic strip that was in each Sunday’s paper for years. You’re a good man Charlie Brown was a wonderful musical presented by Minnesota State University Moorhead’s theatre department. It brought people back to the days when Charlie Brown was a household name that everybody loved, regardless of your age. The combination of great acting, unique set design, lighting, and the memorable value made this a one of a kind musical that can be enjoyed by all audiences. One very enjoyable quality of the musical was the acting. You need a strong leading actor to pull off the role of Charlie Brown to make him likeable to the audience, and Travis Kuntz played the part remarkably. His use of facial expressions let you know exactly how Charlie Brown must have felt in the wide range of scenarios. The best performer on stage overall was Snoopy (played by Sean Palmer). Although he had a very flamboyant style, his overall theatrical performance kept the audiences attention the whole time. The next best actors in my opinion were Sally (played by Lindsey Soiseth) and Schroeder (played by Tyler Michaels). They did exceptionally well in the song “My New Philosophy” which they performed together. Sally’s enthusiasm throughout the play kept the audience laughing and wanting more. Overall the entire cast had remarkable acting skills. The set designer also did a wonderful job. The stage design was very unique compared to many other musicals I have seen. It was composed of multiple levels or platforms, each hosting different set pieces. Some characters had a “designated level” which they would always seem to end up on. For instance on one level you have the sign Lucy sits under, Schroeder’s piano on a different level, and on another level you have Snoopy’s doghouse. Throughout the musical as different scenes occurred, the different levels were utilized in different ways....
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