The Characters That We Involved in the Death of Hedda Gabler

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  • Published : December 12, 2006
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How do each of the characters react to the others in the last act of the play. How does this contribute to Hedda’s last action? Hedda’s last act in the play was her ‘beautifully done’ suicide. He suicide was caused by a variety of reasons, which shall be discussed in the following paragraphs. All the characters can be seen as directly contributing to Hedda’s suicide. When one scrutinizes Brack in the last screen, the evidence reveals that he had a major role to play in the suicide. In the last act of the play, Brack blackmails Hedda by threatening to reveal the secret of he giving the gun to Lovborg, which led to his suicide. When Brack was revealing the news about Lovborg’s suicide, Hedda’s exclamations about intimate details about Lövborg’s death made Brack suspicious of her involvement in his death. Together with her gun being found at the scene of the crime, made Brack sure that Hedda was involved in Lövborg’s death. Brack’s suspicions of Hedda held true. We can also say that Brack was a direct factor of Hedda’s death. His blackmailing and his threats to reveal all the information that would lead to a large controversy (the very thing that Hedda is afraid of) leads to Hedda’s death. This factor proves that Brack could be involved in her death. We can further examine this when Hedda exclaims “No! That thought I cannot tolerate. Never”. Tesman, being Hedda’s husband, found a new working partner in the last act. This might have angered considering that Tesman is Hedda’s husband and should not have left her to go to Thea which incidentally is Tesman’s old girlfriend. Hedda felt resented towards Tesman as he was a member of the bourgeoisie. Marrying Tesman meant becoming a member of the bourgeoisie and also becoming a Tesman and losing her maternal name which Hedda is totally against. Hedda is also astonished at the way Tesman openly invites Brack to accompany Hedda every evening while Tesman works with Thea at Aunt Julle’s (‘Oh, I’m sure … and see you’). This...
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