The Characters of “the Real Thing” by Henry James

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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The characters of “The real thing”:
Mr. Monarch:
--He was an six feet two and a perfect English gentleman in about fifty years old. He had mustache with slightly white colour. He still kept good looking not only his very high and straight figure but he was always in well and aristocratic clothing like “dark grey walking-coat” in which it is quite fit his figure and made his style like a real noble people. What did Monarch like?

He liked tasteful and noble things such as arts, photography, paintings, clothing (..imagine their leggings and waterproofs, their knowing tweeds and rugs, their rolls of sticks and cases of tackle and neat umbrellas(P. 213), wine and some games from upper class such as saddler馬具商and the breeches-makers馬褲製造商. He had given out “an opinion on the draught of the stove”. It implied that he knew something about drawings. On the other hand, he was very well educated and knowledgeable because “he managed to interweave the stationmaster with the ornithologist”. He also liked the fashionable world. His rich knowledge and past enjoyable living style leaded the artist “would offer him a salary to come and teach him how to live” -- What is his background?

From the title of “Major Monarch”, it showed that he had served in an army for a period of time. They had come across a lucky fate to lose their money so that their property was become dreadfully small. He was a real noble people but somehow he was down grade from upper class to a commoner/ common people. He needed a job to earn money for their living because their friends” didn’t like to support them” (p.214), and he had no any other skills to apply other jobs but being a model by the recommendation from the friend of the narrator. They wanted to keep the secret of the relationship with the artist. Perhaps they thought being model was not a decent job. They didn’t really want to be the lower class but they had no money. They need to earn money. (P.226) “They couldn’t talk about the...
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