The Characteristics of a Successful Immigrant

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  • Published : September 20, 2011
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The Characteristics of a Successful Immigrant

New immigrants come to Canada with a dream of a better life. Although the road to a successful life in Canada is filled with struggles, many immigrants fulfill their dreams in Canada. Similar characters can be found among those immigrants. The ability to adapt, tolerance for failure and determination to succeed are the key characteristics of a successful immigrant.

The ability to adapt to a foreign culture and environment is essential for a new immigrant to succeed. Newcomers have to accept the reality that they are in a totally different country. In the Canadian job market, references and recommendations from someone that an employer knows, or the word-of-mouth recommendations, are highly respected by employers. In fact, many jobs are not posted to the public. However, most immigrants have on family or friends in Canada. To overcome this challenge, immigrants have to get involved with communities and build up their network of people, and make themselves visible in the community. Applying for volunteering jobs is also a practical approach to meet a potential employer. Moreover, many native Canadians take the same approach too. What worked back home might not work here. New immigrants have to be able to make changes in order to succeed in Canada.

Immigrants have to be prepared for the inevitable failure. Actually, failure is part of the process of success. Most immigrants are well educated professionals, but they are unable to find employment equal to their education and work experience in the beginning. They have to start from the bottom, gain Canadian work experience, learn English and suffer in survival jobs first. It is not a secret that doctors are driving taxi cabs in Toronto. An immigrant without the tolerance for failure can easily feel frustration and become full of anger towards the system which does not recognize immigrant qualifications. The first few years as an immigrant in Canada are the most...
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