The Characteristics of a Good Parents

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The Characteristics of a Good Parent

A good parent is guardian and a protector of the family. How do I know ?

Because I have two great parents. My parents raised me from a little boy. They

have given me guidance and love. My mother is a very patient women, who helps

me very much. My dad is a very responsible man who makes sure everything is okay.

One characteristic of being a good parent is being responsible. That means

that you go out and get a job. You buy food and provide shelter and clothing. It also

means being mature enough to handle situations that need thought and care. Being

a good parent you must also provide stability and stucture.

Another characteristic of good parenting is being a good role model. You

must provide guidance to your children so they can stay on the right path. You must

teach them the importance of a good education and help them to succeed at it. You

must also set good examples for your child. Don't just talk about it, be about it.

You must have patience to be a good parent. Screaming and hitting a child

is not a good example of patience. My parents take the time to talk to me. They

explain life. The do"s and the dont's. Although, I am hard headed. I do realize that

they love me and they are looking out for my best interest.

Being a good parent is hard work but it's for a good cause. You need to have

a strong household, with rules and structure. Role models are good people that want

to become good citizens, and make excellent parents. Patients is an extremely

important characteristic to good parenting. One day I hope to be a good parent as

well. I will learn all the things I need to know about being a good parent from my

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