The Character That I Admire - Claudia

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  • Published : August 28, 2012
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The novel that I have chosen is " step by wicked step " written by Anne fine . The novel is about five children who were selected for a field trip to old harwick hall. They discovered an old diary which is belong to Richard Clayton harwick. He is came from a broken family. This made them share their individual life stories who also came from a broken family. The most admirable character that I have chosen is claudia. Claudia is a strong character at most of the time.The first reason I choose her as my most admirable character is because she is a sensible person. Even though she can quite stubborn sometimes , but she has a sense of sensibility. For example, she realizes that ignoring Stella is not going to help the matters between her parents. She realizes this when she sees her dad's friend ignoring Stella and she has been doing the same thing. The second reason that I choose Claudia is because she is loyalty to her mother. It is a quality that is admirable especially when is torn between her mother and her father. The example of her loyalty is when she is careful not to be too friendly to her father's girlfriend and she refuses to enjoy her time with her father so that her mother is not to be hurt. The final reason and the most admirable quality that Claudia has is her maturity. She display the characteristic even though she is still a young girl. the example of her maturity is when she accept the fact that Stella is not to be blamed in her parents' divorce. She is mature enough to accept Stella when goes down and thanks Stella for the green pyjamas that Stella gives as a christmas present right in front of her father's friend. She does that to let them know that they should not ignore Stella anymore. Thus, Claudia is the character that I admired the most as she is sensible , loyalty and matured.
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