The Changing Role of Women Throughout the Era

Topics: Gender role, Family, Gender Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: July 4, 2011
The Changing Role of Women throughout the Era

“Grandma, why does mommy is so busy lately?” asked the cute-little grand-daughter of mine. While smiling, I only able to answer that her mother was working hard for her success. That is a simple situation which gave me clear picture about women in this era. I noticed that women nowadays are very committed to their career compared to women in my days. According to Goldman (2010), women of today are not women of yesterday-they are not just mother and housewives but executives, Prime Ministers and President of nations. Researchers had found that women role have changed vastly especially in their roles as a homemaker, in their career and in gaining confidence from men. To begin with, women’s role as a homemaker is not as the same as before. At past, managing the households are the women’s full responsibilities. This is because only men are supposed to support their family due to their nature which has more strength and strong capabilities than women. Meanwhile, women are responsible to take care of their families’ welfare such as cooking, cleaning and raising their children. ‟…ideally women should devote their time to the home and family, and not engage to work outside the home” (Williams, n.d.). In contrast, women’s responsibilities in this era are not only at home but to the world. Due to today’s economic circumstances, women try to help their husband by finding extra income. Theresa (n.d., as cited in Jones, 1994) states in culture which males are supposed to be the earning members of the household, and in which fathers and brothers are supposed to exercise control over the behavior of daughters and sisters, male self-esteem is threatened by finding that it is the daughter (sister) who is earning the income that is crucial to family well-being. As for their duty at home, they will hire a maid to settle it for them and their kids will be sent to the nursery. This shows that women are not fully responsible to manage...
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