The Changing Faces of Parenting, from the 1960's to the 21st Century

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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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The Changing Faces of Parenting, From the 1960s
To the 21st Century

It was the profound social movements of the decade in the sixties that affected changes in American social institutions, causing a shift in views regarding parenting, dating, and our sexuality and the sexuality of others Before the impact of the social movements of this era began to affect even more changes in American Social institutions, mothers had already begun to slowly pull away from the prevailing inflexible wisdom and practices of their own mothers by utilizing new, revolutionary and more interactive methods introduced by Dr. Benjamin Spock; dating was used as a vehicle for finding suitable marriage partners; and most states had legislation that ruled homosexual activity as illegal; and women were expected to stay virgins until marriage. In the early sixties, profound changes to old ideals and values, including parenting, were initiated, with rock music as a backdrop. For instance, researchers at Princeton University compiled data from a survey aimed at college students and discovered that, “the new decade was affecting changes in the way the general media used certain images to depict, ‘normal ’families, and that Americans were becoming increasingly accepting of single-parent families,” and that the number of households in this category has growing at a fast rate. The political and socio-economic climates were changing and these we. General media also began to change the images they utilized to depict, “normal” families. All of these things, along with the changing climates on the political and socio-economic fronts, were factors which initiated changes in the ways parents interacted with their children. Jeffrey Escoffer reported in his report, “The Sexual Revolution, 1960-1890,” that, “… attitudes about sexuality began to change as new medicines and the introduction of “the Pill” eliminated fears about contracting AIDS and pregnancy.” (Escoffer.Web) Baby Boomers have been...
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