The Changing Face of Texas

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  • Published : November 30, 2009
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After reading both the articles “The Changing Face of Texas: Population Projections and Implications” and “The Explosive Growth of the Latino Population May Hurt the U.S. in the Long Run,” I plan to point out several statistics in the growing population of Texas and provide possible solutions to them. The most visually stunning statistic to me was the implication that Texas’ future population would contain nearly sixty percent Hispanics. The outcome could be viewed in a couple of different areas, with the first being found in the Texas population by age and ethnicity chart. In the year 2000, it was recorded that there were more Hispanics under the age of five, than there were Anglo-Americans age sixty-five. It seems that there are many Hispanic children being conceived at a faster rate than the Anglos’ retired and deceased. This could mean that our education field would probably have to be revamped. Maybe even giving money to the public schools in impoverished areas could help. This is because the teachers in these areas have little motivation and access to resources as the teachers in suburban regions. If this continues, the ever-growing minority majority will be poorly educated. The purpose in pointing out the birthrate out is because I believe that if we were to teach the young minorities more in sexual education, then the birthrate could possibly decrease. On the other side of the coin though: If we were to better educate these students, they would eventually develop the skills and be qualified to work these jobs that could help them financially support all of their children… thus helping boost the economy. The other area being the implication that Texas’ future population, with the growth of the Hispanic race, could become less competitive, poorer and in more need of state services such as welfare and healthcare. The same ideals of the previous statistic can be applied in response to this one. It is stated in the reading that, “Texas’ challenge is to reduce...
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