The Changing Face of Management Education: Challenges for Tomorrow

Topics: Education, Higher education, Quality management Pages: 8 (3879 words) Published: October 14, 2012
The Changing Face of Management Education : Challenges for Tomorrow - Dr. V.L.Bhangdia PrincipalSmt. Kesharbai Lahoti Mv. Amravati
Higher education especially in management faculty in India stands at a crossroads. Without change, the traditional university structure of educating and training tomorrow’s business leaders is likely to be surpassed and discarded in the increasingly diverse and technological global economy. To provide our students with the talents necessary to compete in this marketplace, we must recognize and accept the challenges before us today. Internationalization of the business school curriculum is no longer a luxury. The complexities of worldwide markets must be integrated into the core undergraduate as well as post graduate management educational framework. The existence of an institution shall depend upon the quality of education and training offered. In future fittest will survive for which quality product service will be the key aspect. If we, as academics, accept the challenges before us today, there is no reason we cannot retain our position as the preeminent provider of high-quality educational services for decades to come. So, it is an immediate requirement to shape the management education in accordance with the global changes to improve competitiveness with the total quality management.  Therefore, in the present paper, an effort has been made to examine the current education system with special reference to management education system and to find out ways for quality improvements in the present management education system so that business schools respond to current paradigms.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Relevance of the study: Education in India falls under the control of both the Union Government and the states, with some responsibilities lying with the Union and the states having autonomy for others. The various articles of the Indian constitution provide for education as a fundamental right. Most universities in India are Union or State Government or deemed. The Indian government is making sincere and progressive efforts at primary education. But there is an emerging need for such efforts at higher education also. Because higher education is necessary for one to achieve excellence in the line one is best. Hence one should be selected for higher education on the basis of merit only. Commerce and management education is an educational strategy and relates to real organizational problems. Management education in India is not very old; it has taken its practical shape during early sixties with establishment of Indian Institute of Management to train the people with management concepts. After that many institutions, universities have also come forward to provide management education to cater the increasing demand of good managers. At the time of independence, Indian economy was developing and hence we required bureaucratic management skills. However about 60 years after independence, the Indian economy has become more mature and hence we require entrepreneurial management skills. It is experienced that our management schools may have failed to meet this challenge. Therefore there is a need to revamp our management education.In the era of global competitiveness, we have to exercise utmost care to safeguard, India's interest to see that India does not loose in international arena. In the era of these fast emerging changes, there is a need for future global managers with qualities and competencies in global perspective. Quality is the only currency, which is accepted universally and it is also true in the case when product is education. Every customer is now quality conscious. In management education, quality has become a necessity and circumstances require...
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