The Change Petition

Topics: IPhone, Apple Inc., Factory Pages: 6 (2148 words) Published: January 4, 2013
1.Task 1
1.1Laudable Decision
A Washington-based communications worker Mr. Mark Shields deserve to praise who organized The Change petition calls on Apple to release a worker protection strategy for new product releases, saying that injuries tend to spike at times when staff are under the most pressure. Mr. Shields intended to raise Apple’s attention to the workers who worked in poor working conditions. He collected over thousands of signatories from public to support the petition and asked for Apple to do more to ensure its Chinese factory workers can be treated better. The product, iPhone 5 to be made ethically. The petition has been acknowledged by Apple and said that they cared about every work in its supply chain. Actually, Mr. Mark Shields is not related to any affairs concerning Apple, his action is totally initialed by himself. 1.2Culpable Decisions (mincul/midcul/maxcul)

Mincul – Apple has known about labour abuses in some factories for four years and they are still going on. Extended overtime, continuous shifts, crowded living accommodations, under-age labour and less than minimum wage are still exist. Once, the deal has been set with Foxconn, Apple will no longer give attention to worker conditions or anything that is irrelevant to its products. Totally ignore the Supplier Code of Conduct which they developed to police their suppliers. Foxconn is Apple’s most important manufacturer who in the world with the scale to build sufficient numbers of iPhones and iPads. So Apple refuses to push Foxconn to follow their Supplier Code of Conduct, as Apple is not going to leave Foxconn and they are not going to leave China. Midcul – Wintek, an Apple manufacturing partner who ordered their workers to use n-hexane to clean iPhone screens even they knew n-hexane is a toxic chemical that can cause nerve damage and paralysis. There were 137 Wintek workers injured due to the use of u-hexane, a fast-evaporating chemical used to polish iPhone screen. U-hexane evaporated almost three times as fast as rubbing alcohol. By using this to clean iPhone screens, workers could clean more screens each minute as its faster evaporation. As the only way to working for Apple is knowing how to do things more efficiently or cheaper., Wintek aimed to make money and meet Apple’s need, even neglect the workers’ health. Maxcull – it is well known aluminum dust is safety hazard. Workers worked in Foxconn’s factory where hazy with aluminum dust and poor ventilation, Masked employees pushed buttons and machines polishing continuously, aluminum dust hovered over everywhere. As a result, a series of blasts occurred and lead to 4 dead and 17 injured. As iPad had gone on sale just weeks earlier, a large amount of products were needed. Foxconn requested the workers to polish thousands of cases each day to fulfill Apple’s requirement. In compare with the above, those are culpable decisions. Aluminum dust lead to explosion and 4 dead, Foxconn should be counted as maxcull. 137 workers suffered from toxic chemical, Wintek is midcul. Apple is mincul, as it had not forced the supplier to follow the Supplier Code of Conduct. 2.Task 2

2.1Person/relationship-related disappointment/blame-PRD
Apple discovered that some of their supplier forced the employees to pay onerous recruitment fees. This is a kind of involuntary labour, so Apple had forced their suppliers to have more than $6.7 million reimbursement to their employees.

Even the suppliers has made concession on the case, however, they were forced by Apple not really willing to do. If Apple did not raise this issue, the suppliers will do nothing.
Although Apple has been repeatedly criticized the factories on abuse workers and poor working conditions. Factories are still asking their employees to use n-hexane, a toxic chemical on their works. Again, some workers at Wintek that manufactures products for Apple had been poisoned by n-hexane. In this case, Apple has not...
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