The Change in My House These Past Five Years

Topics: Food, New York City, Change Pages: 1 (437 words) Published: February 2, 2012
Several things have changed during these few years, and surely they are obvious enough since we were moved out of our old compound into a new home down the Sayasan Road in Yangon. Well, the new home is greatly magnificent in a way that it has two storeys which is quite adequate and spacious enough to contain a four-unit family with a housemaid. The outdoor compound is also large enough to do some gardening and other stuffs. The housing is mainly painted white with some grey stripes around the corners. However, completely out of our expectations, there are numerous food stalls flushing down into our neighbourhood at the start of 2011, which were just a barren land five years ago. The place has been crowded ever since and especially during the rush hours. The night-life of Yangon has been superb by viewing from our corridor with people gushing up their food hungrily. The aroma of the foods has always been as mouth-watering as it has been and we usually do a walk to satisfy ourselves with a pot of rice and fried chicken. This surely ease our living and somehow drives our blues away. The fact that we were staying in our new home also completely vanished after a five-year period, due to the engulfment of our house by spider webs. Our house has probably become dirty and unwelcoming, however, we must not neglect the fact that our housemaid had gone back to her village due to an urgent family matter and she had been missing since then. Thus, these are the relative consequences. However, we are all trying to achieve a new lease of life by depending on our selves on cleaning up. The apparently disappointing change in my household is that due to my father’s recent disease, he has become incapable of providing cooking for us anymore, which further become quite a burden. However, we must not blame him, since he has been making us daily food these past few ‘decades’ , and we must not forget this loads of handwork. Right now, we are still managing by ordering foods from a...
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