The Change in Culture

Topics: Civilization, Mesopotamia, Culture Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: April 27, 2008
The Change in Culture

There are many factors that influence and facilitate change in cultures and socirties. Cultures rely on change in order to evolve their cultures and to expand there horizen and become a more succusful civilazation. Without it they would be the same

underdeveloped civilization they were thousands of years ago, with no substantial future to look forward to. Factors such as
agricultural development, techinques to fighting wars, the
influence of music and writing, and religious views facilitate change in a culture of societies.
The develpoment of agriculture and farming,which is a method of utiling the Earth's soil and resources to produce goods needed for survival had spread widely throughout the ancient world thousands of years ago and helped to shape and build their

culture. For example, in ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, their culture was heavily influenced on agriculture. A civilization such that will farm , produce, and ultimately trade, which also in return boosts economy levels. The were harsh living conditions that existed in Mesopotamia, which is now present Syria and Iraq. These conditions consisted of weather that brought much rain and flooding. As a result, the Mesopotamians dug canals from rivers and channedled the water flow for the safety and for agriculture. They were able to develop a system of irrigation, which

significantly impacted their culture.
Through advances with farming and agriculture they
established what is presently there now. Such as cities and an economy consisting of marketing all evolved threw change and making use of what they had. Also populations of cities more than tripled overtime as a result of the increased prosperity.

While having a well-driven economy, writing had also
developed in Mesopotamia and helped to facilitate change. A form of writing had been discovered in Mesopotamia which proved to exist in the year 3000...
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