The Champions League: Increase in Ticket Prices

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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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The Champions League is one of the important events, if not the most, to all soccer fans around the world. The best teams, players, and performance could be watched. According to Michele Platini(Euros’ president of FIFA), the UEFA, the prices were too much high in the black market, approximately 10 times in comparison to the original prices. The core of the problem is not the black market prices; rather it was the increase of the original price to the last years. So what's the problem here? Although the increase in tickets price is important, but when you there's no control over the market, like this case, the original producers lose tremendously if we considered the black market prices. For instance, if the franchise sold the ticket for $100 as per the announced price, retailers in black market may buy hundreds and then sold them in $500! So what's happened here is, the retailers in black market dominated a great portion of the tickets, especially the important games, and that leads to scarcity in the tickets for individuals. So what's the solution for such a big lost for the whole sellers? Note that even if all the tickets in the black market are not sold, which is rarely happened, still the retailers exceeded the break even and reached a huge profit margin. The solution is more control over such an operations by changing the strategy to sale such a product, it might be difficult and sometimes unpleasing for individuals, but in the end, you make sure that all tickets are sold, even in bore games, and nobody complains, additionally, the possibility of scams between a franchise and a black market seller becomes more tacit and rare. A solution attained to reach such a pleasant results, is assigning a limited franchises and reduce the maximum number of tickets a person might buy. A control over such a system is almost impossible, but affecting the operation in which it depends is feasible in such strategy. Another advantage of this solution that many...
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