The Challenge of My Life

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  • Published : February 6, 2012
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A family is the greatest gift God gave us, even if we are poor or rich. They make you laugh, cry, and stand but most importantly they love you for who are. It is like the solar system up in the galaxy that is always together and never moves apart, though they have spaces among themselves because it will stand as the challenge that they have to take.

Even though my family has been away from each other, my mother always tells me that is okay because it is part of the gift and blessings that God gave us and the challenge that we have to take. Well, every time she tells me that it makes me feel right and fine...,hmm.. who knows, this could make us a strong and happy family. As time goes by, everything just made sense and my hypothesis came true! Finally, I realized that being apart from each other is not a bad thing. Well, we all need to be apart from each other for our living, for our better future and to realized something. But, it takes a very difficult responsibility for you and your parents. You still need the correct guidance, advises and especially the love. And you as the child, you have to make them feel that you respected them and they are your parents. It is very hard to be apart but I guess we can never prevent it.

For me, being apart with my family made me strong, responsible, independent and inspires me always to finish my studies and to do good deeds. And most importantly it made is a strong and happy family because we all know that we could be together again and that we need each other more that anything.
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