The Challenge Faced by International Students

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The challenge faced by international students
Since the world is now a global village, international students tend to look beyond their home countries for tertiary education. However, Europe and other western countries are preferred by other national students to acquire knowledge and break the English language barrier. In recent decades, the students from developing countries intend to understand the cultural aspects of European countries as well as acquire knowledge. Furthermore, this phenomenon has led to an in increase in economic activity since international are a great source of revenue generation for universities in Europe. According to Rumbley and Lemmens’s theories (20101:1), this is an inspiring development, but it also causes different problems. The challenge faced by international students is one of them. This essay will talk about the challenges faced by international students such as the psychological endurance capability of them and language barrier, and possible solutions like help them to make a wide society circle and according to homestay to solve these problems.

The first major challenge is overseas students must have a good psychological endurance capability. However, if this is not achieved they can suffer psychological ordeals such as aloneness which can further affect academic productivity. According to Hyland(2008:17), one international student said he was scared in the beginning stages in the seminar, because he was quiet , he didn’t talk too much, just listened to other students’ opinion, “I feel pretty lonely.” said by him in the end of interview. For example, in America according to Riskind (NCA, 2012), she suggests that many international students in America have few close friends and would like more meaningful interaction with their counterparts, however according to the survey 25% said that, American students were not being-open minded and interested in other cultures. This may cause isolation on the part of international...
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