The Cemetery

Topics: English-language films, Cemetery, Joe Dante Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: February 15, 2013
The distinctively clear shrill-pitched cry in the dead silence of the night made our blood freeze. Suddenly, there was sheer silence, and only the rustling of leaves, the howling of wind and owls hooting could be heard. The piercing cry sent chills down my spine, giving me an eerie feeling that something was not quite right.

I began to notice that the temperature was falling and the wind that brushed past my body made me shiver. It felt as though the spirits in the spooky, dark and gloomy cemetery were disrupted from their rest and were awakening. I could feel their presence hovering above us, flying around restlessly. I tried to put away my scary thoughts, not wanting to frighten myself any further. “We shouldn’t have come to the cemetery so late at night,” I told my friends, angrily. I kept trying to reassure myself, telling myself that maybe it was just an imagination. Fortunately, no more cries could be heard, so my friends and I decided to pack up and hurry back home.

However, to my dismay, there was another cry that was so thunderous that it could have probably wakened up the dead. My friends and I spun round immediately, panic-stricken. My face was as white as death and scarcely trying to breathe, we edged our way to the entrance of the cemetery in which we had entered through, passing the tombs on which lay the eerie figures of people carved in stone. As we turned to break into a run, we heard a spine chilling, unearthly wail. “What was happening?” I asked myself, almost breathlessly. Without a seconds pause, we fled through the cemetery, stumbling as our hearts pounded frantically against our chest. As we ran, I accidentally tripped on something due to the dark shroud of darkness and fell face first onto the ground with a loud thud. My brand new glasses was smashed and askew. My head had suffered a hard blow and crimson red blood was oozing and seeping out from my head and streaming down my cheeks.

Everything was spinning around me and before I...
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