The Cellist of Sarajevo

Topics: The Streets, Sacrifice, Old age Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The Cellist of Sarajevo is a touching novel that tells the story of three people as they struggle with daily life through a siege that took place in their home town. There are many themes, such as survival, hope, hate, and coping with war, but the most prominent theme throughout the novel is sacrifice. Arrow, Kenan, and Dragan all sacrifice their safety to do what is right and help others. Arrow was a sniper that was sacrificing her own safety to protect the city. She chose to be a sniper to give back to her city. She would work alone and choose her own targets. She wouldn’t just shoot the first man on the hill she saw, she chose carefully. She chose the man that she thought would have killed the most people in the streets. She was later assigned to protect the cellist from any snipers that the men on the hills would send. Arrow gave as much as she could, and sacrificed being killed to protect the city from the men on the hills. Kenan is a husband and father that was willing to risk his life to get water for his family and elderly neighbor. Every so many of days, Kenan would tie together six of his families containers and two of Mrs. Ristovski’s containers and carry them to the brewery to get water. He had to cross bridges were he would be in open view to snipers as he crossed. He also had to be aware of shelling and mortar attacks at the brewery and throughout the city. On his way home from the brewery he must find ways to carry all of the water and get across the streets and bridges fast so he doesn’t get shot by the snipers. He knows that if he brought his young son to get the water, he wouldn’t have to go to the brewery as often, but to keep his son safe he decides that it is best that he goes alone. Kenan makes this trip alone, sacrificing his safety and the chance of getting shot by a sniper to bring fresh water back for his family and his neighbor. Dragan is a baker that dodges bullets as he crosses streets on the way to work...
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