The Celebration of Marraiage

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The Celebración del Matrimonio film takes place in El Rito, Northern New Mexico in the summer of 1983, where the people who live there are Hispanic. The film talks a little bit about the history of the Hispanic people making their way to the Americas from Spain. The Hispanics came from Spain in the early 16th century to colonize the Indians and settle the land. In the film we are introduce to Cecilia Martínez and William Romero represent the modern age. Sr. José Rómulo Martínez and Sra. Presciliana Ortega represent the older generation, all of who share their personal stories through different times and generations.


In the film, Cecilia and William are engaged to be married. We are introduced to Cecilia being fitted for a wedding gown in a department store. Cecilia and William met in high school and dated for many years. When proposed to on several occasions, Cecilia turned William down. Her reasoning for doing so was to get herself more established in society. She mentions how she wanted to finish school, start a career, and to wait on having children. Due to William’s persistence, Cecilia finally gave into to the marriage. Sr. José Rómulo Martínez talks about the old tradition, whereas if a man wanted to get married, he would have to herd sheep for about a year to earn enough money for a wedding. When he raised enough funds, he would ask his parents to go and ask for the woman he wanted to marry hand in marriage. The groom’s parents along with the padrinos (godparents) would go over to the young lady’s house to converse and determine how well the two clans may get along. As they would leave, they leave a letter which enclosed the actual request. Sra. Presciliana Ortega talks about when she got married, which was February 1912, at the age of fifteen. She was unsure about getting married, due to the extreme lack of the engaging process. Upon marriage Presciliana was presented with a dowry (inheritance) filled...
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