The Cctv Cameras

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The CCTV cameras: an outrage against privacy ?

Sometimes, when we are watching the tv, we see some programs about jokes made with a hidden camera, so people who participates in those programs, don't know they are being recorded. That makes us to wonder, at some moment in our lives, whether we are being recorded by a camera, hidden or of CCTV. Well, in some places, like hotels or schools, the CCTV cameras are totally legal and justifiable. Lot of people will say that it is absolutely immoral, but others will defend this action.

On one hand, people who disagree with these cameras, believes that it is an outrage against our privacy, and the fact is that it is true. Being recorded without our permission is completely an outrage against our human rights. If it is under our consent, things change. But even so, is unpleasant be monitored in all we do, especially if it is our needs.

On the other hand, to have a CCTV camera on your job place gives you security. If something is going to happen, it will keep recorded, so in any moment you can see what happened. Furthermore, if you know that you are being recorded, you will not misbehave.

Anyway, the CCTV cameras should be forbidden in some places, like the toilets, the changing rooms and others like these. Even though they are legal, everybody has to have their own privacy, and these sets don't let you act freely, on your own. Also, these images are thought to be private, but there are many cases of complaints because the proprietaries have shared the content of the recorded video.

In short, CCTV cameras have their advantages and disadvantages but you have to be careful with them, because your privacy is only yours, it should not be shared with anyone else.
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