The Cay Timeline

Following is timeline events from the book, "The Cay":

Phillip tells Timothy he does not want to go on the island if there are no people on it. Phillip and Timothy land on the island. Phillip becomes angry with Timothy for taking them to an island that boats cannot easily get to because of the coral reef. Timothy builds them a shelter from palm fronds and a fire.

Timothy makes Phillip a rope to get to the fire.
Timothy tries to teach Phillip how to make mats to sleep on. Phillip becomes angry with Timothy and tells them he can't help because he is blind. Phillip also calls Timothy a stupid old black man. Timothy slaps Phillip. The slap helps Phillip realize that Timothy is doing all the work and taking care of him. Phillip realizes that he cannot survive without Timothy's help and tells Timothy he wants to be friends with him. Phillip asks Timothy to call him by his name, not "boss."

It rains for the first time on the island.
Phillip asks Timothy about the reason why people have different colored skin. Timothy tells him he doesn't know but beneath the skin it's all the same. Timothy tells Phillip he thinks Stew Cat is jumbi and Phillip becomes afraid. Timothy makes a cane for Phillip to travel the island with. Timothy becomes very ill (malaria) and Phillip takes care of him. Timothy teaches Phillip to make a hook, open mussel shells, get bait, and fish. Phillip decides he is ready to climb the palm tree. Timothy tells Phillip a storm is on the way. Timothy ties the water keg to the a palm tree, ties a rope around another tree, takes the raft apart, and shares a big meal with Phillip. A hurricane hits the island.

Timothy becomes very weak and he and Phillip sleep.
Phillip discovers that Timothy has not survived the storm.
Phillip buries Timothy.
Phillip finds the wood, water keg, and tin box and then cleans up the area around the hut. Phillip discovers that Timothy had made him extra fishing poles and tied them to a tree. Phillip adds...
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